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  • What does GardenSKeeper charge for services?
    Typically we would need to perform a site visit in order to do an initial assessment of the "state of the garden beds/yard" and find out more details from our clients on specific goals for that season or project (short term or long term). The site visit is usually FREE, and no more than an hour in length. We would then send you a written estimate customized to your needs, and will discuss our service rate at that time.
  • Can you provide design plans for the Do-It-Yourself client?
    Yes, we can. Again, the rate for this service will depend the specifics provided, which can be discussed at your FREE Initial Consultation, typically scheduled for up to 45 minutes. We currently provide hand-drawn design plans, complete with a recommended plant list. If you are a regular client, we generally hand-sketch a basic plan if you are wanting to check-in with us as we perform our maintenance schedule visits. We are always open to questions about this and how to make it work for you.
  • I am a regularly scheduled client and may need some watering performed on my gardens while I am away.  Are you able to help?
    Absolutely! Just give us enough notice to allow for additional hours to be scheduled.
  • Should I replace my "old soil" or just top up with a new layer?"
    It depends on what is happening in the current soil environment and what the homeowner wishes to do with it. GardenSKeeper can do a simple assessment on site before we can make a recommendation. We will also speak with the client to determine the historical use of the site, what is growing currently, check for drainage issues, and possibly do a visual check of plant foliage currently growing in that area. There are a few other factors we consider, but the simple answer might be to add in a biofertilizer, such as Soil Activator, a registered Earth Alive Clean Technology product to help increase the availability of plant nutrients within the soil and improve soil moisture retention. Please consult with us first to determine the most effective approach!
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